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Des infos au sujet du gameplay des Klingons

Ecrit par Proteus, le 21-12-2009

Nouvelle note des développeurs au sujet des Klingons, certainement sous la pression de la communauté suite à l'annonce de la disponibilité des Klingons pour le PvP uniquement. Petit point donc sur le gameplay associé, les impératifs pour créer un personnage Klingon, et son rang. Ils seront très comparables aux personnages de la Fédération en termes de professions et de compétences disponibles. Vous trouverez cette note en anglais sur le site officiel à cette adresse, et ci-dessous.


Klingon gameplay is one of Star Trek Online’s most unique features. It exists as an additional advancement path for players, and offers different gameplay options to players more interested in player-vs.-player combat.

Players will be able to create a Klingon character after they unlock the first sector block of Federation content, about five hours into the game. Their Klingon character will begin at a rank approximately equal to the Federation character that unlocked the content.

Klingon Captains have the same number of skills available as their Federation counterparts, including the same professions. Your Klingon Captain can be a Science, Engineering or Tactical officer. However, they must advance through PvP, as they will not have access to the same amount of player-vs.-environment content as Federation players at launch.

That’s not to say Klingons won’t be a robust faction. While they are PvP-focused, PvP in Star Trek Online is something we designed from the ground up to be a viable advancement path, meaning both Klingon and Federation players can reach a rank of Admiral solely through PvP. Players can engage in team vs. team, Federation vs. Klingon, Klingon vs. Klingon and Federation vs. Federation combat. What’s more, certain PvP maps will have PvE objectives over which opposing players can struggle.

There are a number of different types of PvP scenarios available.

  • Challenges allow two teams to square off in a private instance created for them on-the-fly.
  • Arena maps are team-vs.-team matchups in instances, played either by teams that challenge one another, or by randomly-assigned teams created via a global queue system.
  • Scenarios feature objective-oriented gameplay like Assault and Area Control. The Assault scenario is straightforward: Move forces from your area to the opponents’, inflicting more casualties than you suffer. The Area Control scenario is more subtle: Capture key objectives and hold them longer than your opponents to win the day.
  • War Zone maps are static maps that are always open for players to join. Both factions may enter this may enter this map, which has Open Mission-style PvE objectives to achieve, with the twist that members of opposing factions can hinder each other’s progress via PvP.

Klingons also progress through their ships in their own way. Rather than gaining access to a standard Cruiser, Escort or Science vessel, Klingons receive special variants of ships as they progress. As players achieve new ranks, new ships become available to them, like so:

B’rel Bird of Prey – capable of cloaking in combat.

Bird of Prey Mk. 1 – capable of cloaking in combat.

Lieutenant Commander
Bird of Prey Mk. 2 – capable of cloaking in combat.
Raptor Mk. 1 – similar to Federation Escorts.

Bird of Prey Mk. 3 – capable of cloaking in combat.
Raptor Mk. 2.
Battle Cruiser Mk. 1 – similar to Federation Cruisers, but feature more forward-facing guns.

Bird of Prey Mk. 4 – capable of cloaking in combat.
Raptor Mk. 3.
Battle Cruiser Mk. 2.

Bird of Prey Mk. 5 – capable of cloaking in combat.
Raptor Mk. 4.
Battle Cruiser Mk. 3
Carrier – a massive ship with multiple hangar bays capable of launching several smaller fighters.

In general, Klingon ships have more forward-facing weaponry than their Federation counterparts, and boast greater maneuverability. What’s more, Bridge Officer stations aren’t restricted by class, meaning Captains will be able to put any Bridge Officer they like into any station, regardless of their profession. In terms of ship customization, players will be able to alter the ship’s color and use several varying skins to change a ship’s look.

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