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Ask Cryptic au sujet des Klingons

Ecrit par Proteus, le 21-12-2009

Les Klingons passent une nouvelle fois sur le grill pour une série de questions / réponses à leur sujet. Au menu, des questions sur l'ajout de vaisseaux côté Klingon, quelques types et fonctionnalités de vaisseaux particuliers, l'aspect personnalisation, ce que vous pourrez obtenir du côté Fédération en termes d'avancement. Vous trouverez l'article avec toutes les réponses aux questions posées à cette adresse.


Welcome to the 18th installment of Ask Cryptic, where we put the questions you ask to our development team. In this issue we have the first in our multipart series on Klingons. Read more to learn about Star Trek Online!

Imperium8181: Will there be more ships added to the Klingon side later on in the game?

Yes! We definitely want to add more ships to both factions after we launch.

Michael_Lightbringer: Will Gorn, Nausican, and Orion ships be included further down the line?

If it turns out this is something that you, the players want to see, we will certainly consider adding in these ships in a future patch.

Beaker2009: The article only states that Birds of Prey are capable of cloaking in battle, what about other Klingon ships?

All Klingon vessels with the exception of the Vo'Quv Carrier are equipped with a cloaking device. However, only Birds of Prey are capable of cloaking in and out during combat.

ZeDEG: What kind of ship customization do Klingons have access to? Can they add warp nacelles, change the look of the command section of the ship? Or is it just a matter of tweaking the color and basic skin of the ship?

At launch Klingon ships will be limited to tweaking the basic color and skin of their ships only. However, they can also still fully customize their weapons, shields, deflector arrays, and other ship components. We do want to add in more customization for Klingon Ship Appearance later on down the line though.

GoldenSpandex: What have you prepared to entice Federation players to enter these open pvp warzones? How will you avoid making Klingons into a lonely faction with no one to fight but themselves? Many Klingon players agree that they rather fight the enemy that they are at war with instead of their own brothers in arms.

There’s standard advancement available for Federation within PvP as well – the Fed players will gain skillpoints, etc.. There is also certain equipment, items and weapons that Federation players will only gain through PvP.

Red_Satyr: How will creature creation work for the Klingons? Would I be able to make a "human" captain (which doesn't seem likely canon-wise) or will we be able to make more unique type of aliens?

Alien creation for the Klingons will work much the same as for Federation Characters. However, they will have access to different pieces that Federation players won't have access too. It will be as robust as any of our other character creators though!

ToyotaSmith - Will there be any Klingon-language content? Ever? Please?

We've been looking all over for someone to help us out with Klingon Localization. However, at this time there seems to be a shortage of Klingon linguists. We're hoping that as the Klingon language becomes more prominent we'll be able to find someone to help us out with this. We’re also looking into ways we can farm this out to the community. Any volunteers?

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