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Ask Cryptic du 9 juillet

Ecrit par Coxie, le 10-07-2010

Retour des Questions/Réponses des joueurs à l'équipe de Dev concernant StarTrek Online.

En vrac, on y apprend qu'il n'y aura pas de nouvelles possibilités de craft lors du lancement de la saison2 mais que celles-ci viendront en cours.
Que de nouveaux navires vont faire leur apparition côté Fédération et Klingon.
Les mini-jeux restent pour l'instant accessibles que dans les zones de la Fédération.

Questions/réponses complètes en anglais ci-dessous


Welcome to the latest installment of Ask Cryptic, where we put your questions to the devs. This edition is specific to Season Two: Ancient Enemies, so read on to see what's coming in Star Trek Online.

Q: Obsidius: Will there be any additional items available for crafting/improving in Memory Alpha?

A: Not at the launch of Season Two, but we will be adding more items during the course of Season Two.

Q: Obsidius: What sort of new ships can Federation and Klingon players expect for Episode 2? We've already seen the Galaxy-X class dreadnought, but what sort of escort and science-ship-related ships are in the pipe?

A: Federation Vice Admirals will have access to one of three new ships: Galaxy with Saucer Separation, Intrepid with Ablative Armor and Defiant with Cloak. Klingon Dahar Masters will have access to a Fek’ihri carrier.

Q: Fractal_Eye: Will Dabo be only accessible at Quark's? or other places, such as Risa?

A: Dabo is available for play at both Quark's and the Neutral Bar. We are considering other places to add this in the future.

Q: Sabre9: Will the minigames be available to Klingons, or will they only be in Federation exclusive areas?

A: Dabo is, scanning isn’t because Klingons don’t currently scan for anomalies or have access to Memory Alpha.

Q: Captain_Zero: With the ship poll, will we be seeing the winning ship class, and maybe the others as well, in Season 2?

A: We are committed to making more ships moving forward and you are going to see many of the ships you’ve been asking for as Season Two continues and Season Three arrives.

Q: Jeff-El: Can you provide an example of what a Diplomatic Corps mission might look like?

A: Federation Diplomatic Corps provides a unique form of experience (FDX) for completing various non-combat missions throughout the game. These could be existing exploration missions, commodity trade missions or the new First Contact missions. There are also several new missions that take place in social hubs that will also provide experience.

As you gain experience in the Fed Diplomacy Corps, you will unlock rank accolades which provide titles and rewards. High ranking diplomats have some cool things to look forward to.

Q: Azurian: Is some of the new Klingon Episodes going to involve the Klingon Houses? The Orions? Or perhaps the Gorn?

A: There are a total of eight new episodes that take place for the Klingons. There are two that involve a house vs. house rivalry, two that involve invading Federation Space and four that involve the return of the ancient Klingon enemy – the Fek’ihri.

Q: MustrumRidcully: Will the "Dailies" move up to Vice Admiral Level? Will we use Marks of Exploration to acquire the new Mark XI gear, or will this be drop-only items?

A: All current dailes will be leveled to have 51 versions including exploration, PVP and STFs. In addition we are adding a Fleet Action daily, which will also drop new Marks so that you can purchase Mark XI gear.

Q: Lord_Calidor: How will Mk XI gear work - will they be available for Badges, Marks, energy credits... will we need a new type of Marks? Where can it be bought or obtained as loot?

A: Mark XI gear will drop from enemies level 46 or higher, and you can also purchase them from new Mark stores being added.

Q: Lord_Calidor: Can you share some details about Legendary (yellow) item quality level?

A: Higher quality loot is something we plan to tackle next. We are already drawing up plans for this work to be done in Season Three.

Q: Tricksterbro: Will Facebook sharing be implemented in Season 2?

A: We plan to turn on the social features once Season Two launches so that you can post to Facebook and use the other social features similar to what we have in Champions Online.

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